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Well Balance Bodies





Holistic Health & Wellness Studio.

Treating Mind-Body As A Whole For A Well Balance Bodie.

Massage Bodywork, Yoga , Plant Based Oils, Health Coaching And More.

We specialize in pain management using evidence based therapeutic massage and bodywork. This provides a natural healing approach with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits our patients experience are:


  • pain

  • stiffness

  • motion limitations

  • muscular and emotional stress


  • flexibility

  • blood flow


  • soft tissue healing

  • quality of life

Spa Massage

Don't put relaxation, reduced stress and pain-relief off any longer. Call today and allow us to share the countless benefits of safe, relaxing therapeutic massage.

Nataki B.

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What Clients Say

"I had an awesome massage experience! I was offered my choice of massage oil therapy! Felt so relaxed and at peace! Slept like a baby that night."

Contact Me

10305 Misty Ridge Dr, Jonesboro, GA 30238, United States


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