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The Therapist

Nataki Burke is a Georgia state licensed, and nationally certified massage therapist. She has been practicing therapeutic massage since 2006. She graduated from the Mass Bay College program for therapeutic massage. She also passed her national boards granting her recognition as a nationally certified massage therapist. Nataki continued to gain education in various modalities including acupressure, Thai, myo-fascia release techniques, sports massage and more. She Has also branched out and trained through the YOGAFIT program to receive certification as a yoga instructor in 2015. Adding to her health and wellness portfolio she is studying nutrition to become a health coach.

Nataki has incorporated her study of various modalities into her massage therapy treatment. Using a blend of these techniques and her healing hands, she customizes your treatment to reach your goal to be pain, stress and a tension free Well Balanced Body.

"I love to not only educate my clients on the importance of preventive care but listen to their issue, struggles and goals so that we may plan the best health and wellness treatment regimine to achive and sustain optimal health. I devise a 3 key factor plan of Meals (diet and clean eating), Mind (massage and Meditation) and Movement (yoga and exercise). Lets work together to heal and create that Well Balance Body!

Nataki Burke L.M.T. N.C.T.M.B.

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