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Spiritual Bath Teas

Spiritual Bath Teas

The Spiritual Bath Ritual is an Ancient practice of Self-Care. Spiritual Baths combine the healing properties of water with the medicinal, esoteric, and aroma therapeutic attributes of sacred herbs, plants, and roots. The use of sacred, aromatic herbs and other rare substances for ritual bathing and spiritual cleansing increases circulation and reduces inflammation.

Try out tea blends:

Detox tea- anti inflammatory herbs

Epsom salt Himalayan and Dead Sea salt.

Yoni Steam Blend- blended herbs for cleaning the womb.,healing and detoxing . Natural herbs: rosemary, mugwort lavender, chamomile, thyme and sage

  • Product Details/use

    Tie around faucet under running water or sit in bath water to steep for 5-10 minutes.. soak in herbal blend (candles crystals and positive vibes optional)

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